I'm Learning Moq - A .NET Mocking Framework for Unit Tests
· ☕ 2 min read
Mocking describes a feature in programming that allows you to replace the functionality of an object with a blank version of itself or provide your own functionality in its place.

Introducing Testing into our Platformer
· ☕ 1 min read
Previously we had looked into providing an abstraction layer over our character controller to allow us to build modular pieces instead of a single monolithic character controller.

An Abstraction of our Character Controller
· ☕ 2 min read
Lets take a look at building an abstraction over a character controller in our 2D platforming game. The goal of this refactoring and abstraction pattern is to improve the testability and modularity of the character controller.

I Built A New Website
· ☕ 2 min read
I’ve been trying to replace the old World of Zero website for a while now. A beta of the new version is finally in a working state and I’d love for you all to check it out!

Placing our Health Tracker Component Under Test with Unity Test Runner
· ☕ 2 min read
Lets explore this new health tracking component we’ve built by introducing the Unity Test Runner to our project. The Unity Test Runner allows you to add a variety of NUnit tests to your project that allow you to create Edit and Play mode tests.

Unit Testing in Unity Using the Unity Test Runner
· ☕ 2 min read
Testing code is important. It ensures that the code you just wrote works, but more importantly it serves as documentation about exactly what your code does and ensures that after months of maintenance and changes that the code you haven’t touched in months still does what you think.

Code Long And Test With Spock Unit Tests
· ☕ 1 min read
Given: “A video about Spock” Expect: “To learn how to use Spock to test your Java or JVM based projects”

I Have A Theory - Theories in xUnit Tests
· ☕ 1 min read
Unit Testing. Turns out someone actually thinks it’s a good idea if all this code we write actually works.

Growing Trie's - Lets Make a Simple Prefix Tree in C#
· ☕ 2 min read
Lets explore how we might build a trie data structure. A trie is a tree that is used to represent strings (or really any enumerable type) in a way that allows it to be easily searched in a way where it can provide potential answers given a prefix.

Simulating Planetary Temperature - An Old Test Project
· ☕ 2 min read
This is an old concept I made years ago to experiment with heating a planet. I discontinued work on this specific concept shortly after recording this, the design was not a good one, but I think it’s still interesting.