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I Have A Theory - Theories in xUnit Tests

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Unit Testing. Turns out someone actually thinks it’s a good idea if all this code we write actually works.

How do we do that though? In C# one of the many options is xUnit, a powerful open source unit testing framework. xUnit allows you to test using Facts and Theories, in this video we’ll look at writing a data driven theory to test Rectangle translation. We’ll also explore the best ways to use these tests in Visual Studio including how to write good tests and identify failures from the Visual Studio Test Runner.

Good tests help prove what you’ve written works. That your code does what you say it does. Bad tests can make it almost impossible to continue to support your code. xUnit works as a handy tool for improving your test quality and the maintainability of your code.

Learn more about xUnit and how to use it for testing your projects check out their website here:


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