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Midnight - Asylum Jam 2017 - Post Mortem

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Midnight is a game built in 48 hours for the Asylum Jam. The asylum jam emphasizes horror without the stigma of mental illness, including the use of asylum’s, hospitals etc.

Midnight makes heavy use of light to build an atmosphere that’s both dark and mysterious. The game isn’t done and there aren’t many puzzles in it in the current form but it’s a good start to something really fun. A lot of the mechanics are things that can be brought forward into more complete projects and the atmosphere feels good to me.

The idea was to use story to drive the horror. That part absolutely did not work. It’s a dark puzzle game. Not really a horror game. On that I think this missed the mark, something to improve on with time.

Download Midnight to play it yourself here:

3rd Party Assets used in the game:
Everloop: Background Music
Little Dragons: Textures/Models
HX Volume Lighting: Volumetric Lighting Effects
Unity Post Processing Effects: Bloom and other post Effects
Probuilder: Prototyping puzzles and some in game Models
Rewired: Input
Manufactura K4 Top-Down Sci-Fi: Level Models and Environment
UBER: Shaders


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