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Getting Started With a Flask Web Server

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Lets look at Flask a minimal python web server. In this video we’ll build the simplest Flask app and talk about how to get Flask working in your Python project as well as what each part is doing. The goal is a “Hello World” project that can greet you, by name, when you visit the URL.

This gives us some time to walk through using PIP, Pythons package manager and how to get Flask actually running. That last part has changed it seems since I’ve played with it last so we’ll have to go on a quick expedition to documentation land to figure out how to get it working.

By the end of this we’ll get a fully working Python web server running with less than 10 lines of code that can accept and respond to our requests by name. It’s a very different style than what you’d encounter in Java’s Spring or ASP.NET and that makes it a tool that can be used in somewhat different ways. What do you think? Do you like this style of minimal web server or do you prefer the structure of Spring or ASP.NET?

Learn more about Flask and discover some of its other features here:

The Flask Request class contains more information about the request such as the arguments received. Learn more about whats available here:


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