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Exporting A Minecraft Build to Unity 3D

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Minecraft recently added the ability to export your builds as 3D models that can be uploaded to Remix 3D or opened in Paint 3D. We’re going to look at taking this one step further and taking a Minecraft build, exporting it to Paint 3D, modifying it slightly (because why not) and then importing that new updated model into Unity. This gives us the ability to pull minecraft creations into Unity so we can actually use them for prototyping or other creations. It’s a fairly simple process and one that is superbly powerful.

I’d love to see what you make with this!

You can currently only export these Minecraft builds from the Windows 10 version of Minecraft which you can get from the Windows Store. If you already own Minecraft you can redeem your Windows 10 copy for free from Mojang’s website.

Mojang have released some more information about how to take advantage of these exporting features. You can learn more here:


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