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Magic Missile! Creating Seeking Projectiles

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    Augmenting our magic missiles with a bit of corrective flight. This video focuses on how to get a projectile to target and steer towards a target using a combination of dot products for finding the target and a steering algorithm to actually turn the projectile. We also create a custom cone gizmo for debugging these features using some basic translation matrix math.

    In addition to actually implementing a seeking projectile we discuss the difference between a spherical (SLERP) and linear (LERP) interpolation and when you’d use both of them.

    Slerp stands for spherical linear interpolation, a way to interpolate between two rotational vectors by calculating a path along the surface of a sphere.

    More information about working with the SLERP function and what is happening behind the scenes can be found on the Wikipedia page here:


    Sam Wronski
    Sam Wronski
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