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Lets Make a Custom Unity Editor Window - Unity Interactive - Part 1

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Reflection and custom editor windows. Sounds like a fun experiment! In this video we’ll begin work on a project I’m calling Unity Live.

The window we are designing will allow you to take any selected object in your scene, browse the components attached to it and then select any public field exposed on the class that you would like to be customized. To do this we’ll explore creating custom Editor Window’s in Unity as well as using reflection in C#. My experience with both of these topics has been… minor lately but this is how you learn!

What is Unity Live? A reactive way to make games. Normally in live streams development tends to be one way or, in the best cases, suggestions are written in chat. What if you could take questions to your watchers and have them help answer some of the questions about your game. How fast should the player move? How high should they jump? How much damage should the enemies deal? How bright is your flashlight? Unity Live is going to be a way to easily create these questions, suggest some possible answers and then have your viewers choose the solution they prefer. Once that is done the value automatically gets reflected back in the Unity editor.

The eventual goal of Unity Live is to integrate with the Beam interactive API’s and potentially others as well (suggestions welcome!). To learn more about the Beam Interactive API check out their announcement here:

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