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Let's Explore Implicit Usings in C# 10

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Implicit usings is a feature in .NET that allows you to have the compiler automatically add global usings to your projects for common namespaces used in projects of the type you’ve chosen. This can help you get started more quickly in .NET by automatically importing common namespaces like System and System.Linq without you having to explicitly declare them somewhere in your projects.

You can turn on Implicit Usings in your .NET 6 projects by adding this line to your Project file.


Implicit Usings introduce namespaces into the global space. You can learn more about how to add your own custom namespaces here by using global usings:

Note: You can always check which implicit usings are being generated for your project by navigating to your projects obj directory and finding the generated file named: [Your Projects Name].GlobalUsings.g.cs.

You can find a more in-depth dive into this feature here:

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