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I Built a Tool That Turns GitHub Contributions into Bookmarks Here's How It Works

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Inspired by GitHub Skyline I’ve built a tool you can run from the command line that generates a bookmark from your GitHub Contributions. The SVG the tool generates can be 3D printed or laser cut to create a physical bookmark you can take with you! In this video we’ll walk through how you can use the tool yourself by creating a Personal Access Token to gain access to the GitHub API.

To create a Personal Access Token on GitHub navigate to your Profile, select Developer Settings and Access Tokens. Create a token with the minimum number of permissions required for the app you are trying to use. Do not share your Personal Access Tokens publicly because people with these tokens will be able to perform the selected actions as if they were you!

The GitHub Bookmark Generator project is available publicly on GitHub here:

The GitHub GraphQL API Explorer is here: You can use this to explore and run test queries against GitHub’s API.

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