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Real-Time Messaging Between Console Apps with SignalR - SignalR in Unity - Part 1

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We’re starting a new project beginning with an introduction to SignalR. Our goal is to introduce SignalR into a Unity project so we can communicate in real-time between a Unity game and a web app. In this video we’ll introduce SignalR, an open-source ( library that allows us to create a client server communication system in our apps enabling them to send messages back and forth between clients.

If you would like to get started learning SignalR you can learn more at

My previous SignalR series shared at the Microsoft Reactor where we created an interactive canvas you could collaboratively draw on with the rest of the world!

  1. Building Real-Time Web Apps with SignalR
  2. Connecting a Web App to SignalR
  3. Creating a Real-Time Web Canvas

You can see some of the other content I have planned outside this channel in the Microsoft Reactor (and even come to our in-person events) at the Microsoft Reactor San Francisco Meetup Page.

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