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Firing Projectiles - Lets Make a Side Scrolling Shooter - Part 5

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    Time to make our ship go pew., pew! We’re going to add projectiles. We’ll build a set of components that can fire and build projectiles. This will include the ProjectileMovement class for moving projectiles forward and detecting collisions, ProjectileTimeout for timing out projectiles and deleting old projectiles, TimedProjectileLauncher which will periodically fire new projectiles and finally the DamageDisplay for debugging projectile collisions and damage.



    This script has two functions. It will move a projectile forward and check for collisions. If it collides with an object it sends a message to the object that was hit called OnProjectileHit which has information about what happened. This is a handy way to pass events around between different objects in a scene.


    This is mostly to protect against any random issues where projectiles fly off the screen and continue to exist forever. After a period of time any object with this script attached will destroy itself.


    The thing that does the shooting. This is a constantly shooting class which count a value up and, once a threshold is reached fire a projectile and begin counting again.


    The damage display is just a simple helper class that reacts to the OnProjectileHit messages that are sent by the ProjectileMovement class. From those messages it just generates a Debug message so we know things are working.

    Pew! Pew!

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