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Building a Basic Flight Controller - Lets Make a Side Scrolling Shooter - Part 1

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Let’s build a Side Scrolling Shooter. In this video we’ll start by building the controls for a simple flight controller that will let us move up and down in a limited space smoothly. We’ll look at how to set up the components best to make this approach scale well and more.

There are three main components we’ll build in this video:

  • ShipInput
  • ShipInputController
  • ShipMotionController


The Ship Input is a simple component designed to only hold the values of the current input. Effectively it’s a state machine and used as the communication layer between the ShipInputController and ShipMotionController.


The Ship Input Controller interacts directly with an input device (in this case Unity’s Input object) and sets values in the ShipInput. This allows the Input to be sent from multiple, different sources without breaking the consumption of the input itself.


The Ship Motion Controller is the “actor” in this implementation. It reads the ShipInput that was set by the ShipInputController and translates that into action in the scene. In this case it moves the player up or down respectively.

To prevent the player from going outside of the bounds we’ll take advantage of the Mathf.Clamp function. This will make it possible to clamp the players position to within the upper and lower bounds easily.

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Sam Wronski
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