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Adding an Accent to our Contrast Shader - Lets Make a Side Scrolling Shooter - Part 4

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Lets spice up our our contrasting transition shader with an accent color that more clearly marks the border between one color and the next.

Part 1 of building this contrasting shader is here:

Most of the magic of this shader happens in these lines which select the color we want to draw:

float maskPrimary = (_Transition + barrierSize [LESS THAN] maskStrength);
float maskSecondary = (_Transition - barrierSize [GREATER THAN] maskStrength);
float maskAccent = !(maskPrimary || maskSecondary);
o.Albedo = maskPrimary * _PrimaryColor
  + maskSecondary * _SecondaryColor
  + maskAccent * _AccentColor;

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