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Building a Game Board in Unity

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We’re going to return to a project I built before starting this channel. Minefield, my take on Minesweeper for mobile. We’ll start simple by building the game board, a set of tiles of any width or height. This will allow the game to get more difficult and levels wider with time.

Minefield is an old game I built to explore mobile games. It’s based off of Minesweeper but with a twist intended to apply the same mechanics in a more mobile friendly game. Instead of attempting to clear the entire board your goal is to find a path across a mine littered board. Other mechanics function the same, tiles display the number of adjacent mines. However you may only move in the four cardinal directions to complete the level. The original version of Minefield uses a pathfinding algorithm to ensure that at least 1 solution exists for every level.

You can play the original version of Minefield on GameJolt:

4K he says… yeah nope. Completely screwed up a setting and downsized the entire thing automatically back down to 1080p. I’ll fix it in the next video.

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