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Exporting 3D Printable Models From Unity

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    Combining the custom mesh renderer window, STL Builder and Archimatix we’re going to start working on building a way to export 3D Models from Unity to a format that we can use to 3D print. This will allow us to compose and hopefully print complex scenes or meshes generated via tools like Probuilder (Probuilder ships with an included STL exporter) or Archimatix.

    The premise is simple and relies on previous work we’ve already done but by combining the three different projects we’re able to build a pretty handy tool.

    Learn more about Archimatix a tool for designing and building 3D models using paths and a node based workflow:

    See how we were able to get meshes rendering inside a Unity Editor window:

    The creation of the STL Builder and it’s initial cube export:

    The code for exporting STL files is available on the World of Zero GitHub page here:


    Sam Wronski
    Sam Wronski
    Maker of things, currently helping build cloud things @ Google. World of Zero is a personal project disconnected from my professional work. Lets make something awesome together!