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Learning Archimatix Pro - Parametric Modeler for Unity 3D

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    Lets explore a really interesting asset from the Unity Asset Store. Archimatix is a parametric modeling tool that allows you to turn simple shapes into complex models using a set of simple rules. It allows you to create adaptive meshes that can be changed easily and adapt to changes you make. Simple, neat, powerful.

    This video is a different style. I have never used this tool and only have passing knowledge on its uses. We’ll explore getting started with Archimatix and how to build your own mesh from the ground up using the tool.

    This will not explore the more complex features of the tool, I don’t have the knowledge for that, but instead will look at how well it can be used to build something useful from zero knowledge. Let me know what you think of this style below, it’ll help me decide if we should do more videos like this or not.

    The Archimatix GrayShip tutorial can be found on Vimeo here:

    You can grab Archimatix from the Unity Asset Store here:!/content/59733

    Check out Archimatix’s website for more information and an up to date feature list:


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