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Exploring MAUI - Multiplatform Apps Built With .NET

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.NET MAUI is an open-source framework for building multiplatform user interfaces that can reuse code across iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows! Let’s dive into .NET MAUI and try to build a to-do app from scratch - learning what’s new along the way as I build my first .NET MAUI app.

Let’s explore how to layout our own UI with XAML, figure out how to setup a view model and data bind our UI to it and create our own custom commands to invoke. We’ll build an app that uses the exact same C# code to write a native app we can test on both Windows and .NET.

Brandon Minnick and I discussed the architecture and how MAUI works a bit more in this video:

Want to learn more about .NET MAUI? You can find the docs here:

.NET MAUI is Open Source! You can check it out on GitHub here:

Looking for an easier way to integrate with MAUI? Check out the MAUI Community Toolkit which has a ton of cool tools to make writing MAUI code easier!

Some of the graphics in the thumbnail are 3D models by Kenney at

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