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Lets Make a Task List in WPF

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    Lets make a simple Task List in WPF. An intro to one of the classic Windows frameworks originally introduced in 2006.

    WPF is still very common on Windows and powers most of the modern applications you use. It’s design language also heavily influenced other UI frameworks at Microsoft including Silverlight and the Universal Windows Platform.

    This is sort of an introductory video about WPF. We’ll cover XAML, Code Behind and more including using MVVM and Data Binding to build our list. We’ll also explore some of the potential gotcha’s with Data Binding (like the UI not updating as your data changes).

    Is there more you want to learn about WPF or questions you have? Let me know in the comments!

    Want to learn more about WPF? Microsoft has a very complete set of information about it on MSDN:

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