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But I'm Scared of Heights! Jetpack VR End Of Stream Demo

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This is a quick, unedited demo of what we got done during the four hour live stream earlier today. Even though the game is mostly just flying around right now it’s fun as hell.

I don’t really know where this is headed next, the color based puzzle probably isn’t going to work out. We’ll have to come up with ideas, my problem right now is I have about 30 that I want to try. :D

This project is going to be expanded upon but I don’t know what direction this will take yet.

Want to use this in your game? Grab the source from GitHub:

A demo of this game should be available on Game Jolt and Itch eventually, but I’m going to update some of the art and make the game well… more of a game. Some of this newer stuff won’t make it onto GitHub because I’ll be using some Unity Asset Store assets for the art.

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