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Building VR Asteroids - End of Stream Demo

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I’ve been making a Virtual Reality game over the past two days based around flying using hand held jet engines. Recently I moved the game into space and have been exploring what that means for the game. Specifically we’ve been moving towards developing more of an Asteroid’s type experience.

The goal here is to end up with something fun. I think that’s already got a huge checkmark next to it already. We can also start to try to make the game interesting and unique. We’re getting there. I don’t know if I’ve seen any other game like this out there yet. However, there may be a reason for that. Where this game stands right now is extremely confusing. The 6DoF movement while fine when staring at a monitor is a totally different experience when you are behind a Vive. It’s disorienting and both awesome and confusing at the same time.

Moving forward we need to get rid of the confusing parts and increase the awesome parts. Adding art and tweaking the controls is going to be a major part of that.

The game is available on Game Jolt:

The GitHub source code can be found here:

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