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Lets Make Jetpacking in Virtual Reality! Part 2

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Today we’re going to be developing a Jetpacking game in Virtual Reality. I’ve seen some demo’s of Richie’s Plank Experience but more interesting than the plank for me is the firefighting iron man of the future part. The part where you get to fly around a city. I think we can make the flying part of that fairly easily so let’s do that. Live.

In Part 2 we are going to start looking into building this out into a full game. We’re going beyond jetpacks and entering a world of color. Time to build a puzzle game!

To do this we’re going to take advantage of some of the technology that Valve has created for developing for the Vive and other VR platforms. Specifically we’re going to be using the SteamVR Plugin for unity to help us develop this project. You can learn more about that here:!/content/32647

The project itself is open source like most of my World of Zero projects. You can grab the source from the GitHub project here: once it is complete.

Sam Wronski
Sam Wronski
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