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Working with CSV's in Windows Powershell

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Powershell is a relatively unique and very powerful command line interface (CLI) and with Windows 10 is now the default shell for Windows. In this video we’ll explore some of the basics of powershell and specifically look at how to use powershell to analyze CSV data.

Powershell is uniquely useful for this task due to its ability to handle data as objects and because of the native support for both CSV and JSON input and output. The ability to filter, sort and format data is also a very strong tool that is both easy to use and understand.

We will also look at using the Powershell ISE (included with Windows) that provides a useful scripting environment for building scripts and testing commands as well as learning more about the capabilities of powershell.

Powershell is included with Windows and is available for download for both MacOS and Linux operating systems. See the Get Powershell section over at the Powershell GitHub page for more information on getting started on other operating systems:

Source data for the element data used in this video:


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