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The Start of a Remote Controller - World of Zero Arcade - Part 1

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Welcome to the World of Zero Arcade, or what is going to become the World of Zero Arcade. This project is going to happen in a number of parts. We need a game and we need a controller. In this video we’ll be focusing on getting started with the remote controller. This app will eventually let people play the game from a completely separate computer using a combination of streaming and other fun networking work.

What is the World of Zero Arcade?
A really bad idea. But a cool one! The best kind of idea really. Using modern streaming technology we are going to develop a game which can be streamed from a computer up to a streaming service (right now we’re going to focus on using Beam). This streamed game will serve as our shared screen, the viewers will all sit on the worlds biggest couch - the internet! In order to play they download a separate remote (what we’re starting here) and connect remotely. They join a queue of players waiting to play and are matched with other viewers.

As you wait other opportunities to interact and modify the game become available. We’ll look into how to use the Beam Arcade to make the World of Zero Arcade even better. This will allow the entire audience to change how each game plays! In the end, think of it like the biggest couch based party game ever!

With this controller we’ll get started by configuring a quick log in screen and looking at how to use the Unity 5 UI system. We’ll also add some physics simulation and take advantage of raycasting to grab the globe so we can put our mark on it. This will let every player to have a unique name and be able to customize their world location. We’ll use the world location to show where players are from in game and as a data visualization in Data Sphere.

I’m really excited to see where this project will go!

The World of Zero Arcade is an open source, streamed multiplayer game. You can download the source to host your own or help contribute to the project here:

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