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Mission Start - Building a Flat Shader In Unity - Part 1

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It’s been a few months since I’ve played with shaders in Unity. Let’s relearn how to make them together by building a relatively simple shader in Unity from start to finish! This is the first step of many in implementing a custom shader that can be used in the place of sprites or Unity’s own cutoff shader. This was also designed so hopefully it can be a fairly accessible intro to writing a shader. Admitadly I’m not sure that final part was a success, but we are both learning here.

Drop a comment below if there are things you want to see explained or explored!

The goal of these videos is to break the mold of current tutorials. I want to not only capture how to do it, but the mistakes and learning that comes from those mistakes as well. Ideally these videos will be focused, but not rehearsed. None of what I am implementing here is stuff I have written before.

This video uses Unity 3D and Visual Studio, both of these awesome tools are free downloads that anyone can use!
Pick up Unity 3D here:
The Unity 3D installer includes an optional Visual Studio install.

Based on this What If post from my blog World of Zero:
Check out this projects source on GitHub:

Guiton Sketch by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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