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I've Got An Arduino And No Clue How To Use It - Data Cube - Part 1

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Introducing Data Cube, the spiritual successor to Data Sphere. A data visualization project. Data Cube is going to use an Arduino and four meters of LED’s to create a 3D visualization of online social interactions.

The full project is going to be a bit bigger and this is just an introduction. Eventually there will be a series of online services communicating with a raspberry pi and arduino. Right now we’re just focusing on the actual visualization bit, powered by the arduino and the LED’s.

This means we are going to be working with the Arduino IDE to push images to our Arduino Micro. Those images will use the neopixel libraries to render to our light strip. We’ll look into starting with the Neopixel Light Test application included with the Arduino software and then expand to an all LED glow effect. Clean and simple.

Learn more about using an Arduino here:

Sam Wronski
Sam Wronski
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