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Getting Started With Xamarin

 ·   ·  ☕ 1 min read

We have a relatively complete Binary Clock app running in UWP. Let’s take advantage of Xamarin to start working on bringing this app to other platforms. Specifically we’re going to be looking at targeting Android using Xamarin Forms.

This video is designed as a learning exercise, no progress on the actual binary clock is going to be made. Instead we’re going to focus on exploring what Xamarin offers and what we can do with it as well as introducing some of the quirks of Android development compared to UWP. More work on the Android binary clock will continue in the next few episodes when we really start to work on our app.

Think of this as the very tip of the iceberg. The very root of getting started with Xamarin. I start this video with literally zero Xamarin experience and by the end of this we’ll have an app accepting user input and interactions. A fairly good starting point for only an hour of work! If you’re not a fan of this kind of exploration then I recommend waiting for the next video in the series when we start work on the android binary clock app itself.

Grab the code from GitHub and work with it yourself!

Sam Wronski
Sam Wronski
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