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Building GLSL Shaders in a Real Time Shader Editor - KodeLife

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KodeLife is a powerful cross platform shader editor for Mac, PC or Linux. It overlays a text editor and debugger on top of the real-time results of your shader. This means you get to see results as you type. It’s super cool!

We’re going to take some time to explore writing a fragment shader in GLSL using KodeLife. The shader is going to plot functions so that one color represents values greater than our value and another represents values less than our value.

The real-time nature of the editor makes it extremely intuitive and easy to learn with. I’d recommend it for anyone new to shaders. With only a basic level of knowledge it becomes a math playground!

Beyond just working with fragment shaders you can also modify vertex and geometry shaders to build even more cool stuff. Features like integrating with time and the mouse are also supported.

Grab KodeLife for Linux, Mac or Windows here:

Keijiro Takahashi has created a number of really cool effects with this tool. Check them out here:

If you make something awesome I’d love to see it!

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