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Wind Mapped Snow - Dynamic Snow in Unity - Part 6

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    Last video we added support for wind to blow snow across our terrain. That was cool but the implementation was fixed and required us to have wind move in a specific direction. That’s boring. In this video we’re going to fix that by adding a “Wind Map”. This will allow us to specify the wind direction and strength at any point on our terrain.

    This allows us to add occlusion (say from a rock) or other complex simulations that make our snow more dynamic than it already was.

    This change can be done by adding a sampler to our compute shader that accepts the new wind map and passing that map into the shader from our SnowSimulation script.

    We’ll also look at abstracting out the “texture position” in our compute shader so that the code is easier to read and requires less calculations.

    Building a Unity Snow Shader playlist:

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