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Welcome to Conqueror - Conqueror Version 3 Demo

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Conqueror is an application built against the public Conquer Club API’s. What is Conquer Club? It’s an online strategy game built around conquering your foes and acquiring territory not unlike the classic boardgame Risk.

Conqueror is an application developed initially for Windows Phone which allows you to view what games you are in, whose turn it is in those games and also allows you to take your turn completely from within the app. It features a fully functioning web wrapper which extends the classic mobile website with added features such as an attack odds calculator that can calculate the chance of success when attacking a neighboring territory.

Conqueror was the first app I ever made for Windows Phone and was also one of the first ones I brought to Windows 8 as well. The application has undergone multiple full rewrites over its lifetime. The version depicted here is version 3. A total of 5 versions were made, version 5 was never completed.

Check out Conquer Club over at if you want to learn more about what the game is about.

This is another old recording of some of my previous development work much like the dynamically heated planet demo here

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