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Tracking Twitter Data in Real Time - Let's Make Data Sphere - Part 4

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    This is part 4 of Data Sphere. Due to some complications in the recording process this is a private video that you’ll only be able to find in a few links and playlists. Feel free to share it etc, but the quality doesn’t meet the standards I set for this channel. As such it’s unlisted on YouTube.

    The episode looks into integrating with Twitter and taking the positional data from tweets and graphing that in our Unity application. This will allow us to enter any search term into Twitter and then track tweets about that subject in real time as they happen. With that information we’ll be able to plot out the positions on our globe and via other information about them.

    Unfortunately the number of tweets with positional data in them is actually fairly small so we’ll probably want to upgrade to a different solution at a later time.

    Grab the source from GitHub:

    Sam Wronski
    Sam Wronski
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