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Skateboard Locomotion? - Exploring New Ways to Move With Vive Trackers

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I’ve been exploring different ways of locomotion since starting to work with the HTC Vive. This new project is an extension of that. We’re going to use a Skateboard and some Vive Trackers to serve as a motion controller. This means we can get a full skateboard imported into our scene, more importantly we can use that skateboard to control ourselves.

In this video we’ll explore the basics of how to turn the rotation of the board into movement and rotation in game. From that we’ll be able to extend things and actually be able to skate!

This is just the start working to proof of concept the ability to move with this method. There is a lot more that’s required to get this fully working. We’ll pick that up in additional videos.

You can pick up a Vive Tracker for yourself here:

How to setup Vive Trackers in Unity 3D:


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