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Sending Real-Time Messages to Unity from a Blazor Website - SignalR in Unity - Part 3

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Let’s complete our SignalR in Unity experiment by adding a Blazor Website to it. This will allow us to use a browser to send messages directly to Unity to create updates instead of either needing to install a Unity game or run a console app. We’ll quickly cover some of the components in a Blazor website as well as how some of the architecture works.

We’ll take a quick detour to chat about Blazor Web Assembly (Blazor WASM) vs Blazor Server because I completely forgot what project template I chose when setting up this test project. 😅

The architecture of our app looks like this:

graph LR
    A[Browser App] --> B[Blazor Server]
    B --> C{ASP.NET SignalR Server}
    C -->|Sends Updates to| D[Unity]
    E[Console App] --> C

You can create a new Blazor project using either:

Blazor Web Assembly

dotnet new blazorwasm


Blazor Server

dotnet new blazorserver

If you want to learn more about Blazor you can get started here:

If you would like to get started learning SignalR you can learn more at

My previous SignalR series shared at the Microsoft Reactor where we created an interactive canvas you could collaboratively draw on with the rest of the world!

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You can see some of the other content I have planned outside this channel in the Microsoft Reactor (and even come to our in-person events) at the Microsoft Reactor San Francisco Meetup Page.

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