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Rigidbody Bullet Physics in Unity

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    Today we’re looking into exploring bullet physics. Specifically how to simulate a rigidbody driven projectile. In this video we’re going to solve that problem with a simple and expandable solution that you can tweak to fit any game style you want.

    This solution is going to use the code from the original question with some slight modifications. We’re going to explore using Unity’s layers and it’s messaging system. This will allow us to use Unity’s messaging system to create an expandable and object oriented solution to how our bullets interact with the world.

    Fun stuff. Some caveats. I am not completely familiar with what I’m doing so expect some mistakes. I should know this stuff by now… but I don’t.

    Based off of this question on Reddit:

    This video uses a free space ship model from the Unity Asset Store. It’s available here:!/content/29459

    Sam Wronski
    Sam Wronski
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