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Red: A Post Mortem - #AsylumJam2016

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This past weekend I took part in the Asylum Jam an annual horror game jam. You have 48 hours to develop a horror game. There are some caveats though: the games have to avoid negative mental health or medical stereotypes.

Red is a murder mystery game where you play the detective in a house full of unremarkable guests. One of the guests is not like the others. A little annoyed. A little… murdery.

To win at Red you need to avoid the the murderer and try to identify who they are. Once you have done that, arrest them. Careful though, they get more aggressive the longer you wait. Be quick, be vigilant… stay alive.

Play Red on Game Jolt here:

Tons of developers participate in the Asylum Jam every year, check out their work! It’s fantastic:

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