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Live Coding a UWP Task List

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Previously we tried building a task list in the Blazor alpha, what would that look like in UWP? Let’s find out!

This is a live coded video where we build a UWP app from start to finish that creates a functional Task List where we can create new tasks and insert them into an updating list. It will give us a chance to explore a number of ways to use Data Binding in UWP or WPF including One Way binding, Two Way binding and binding to a list. These data bindings will allow us to connect the data in our backend to what you see on the frontend.

We’ll also get to look at implementing a Command that allows us to insert elements into our Todo list as well as a number of fun C# tricks (the nameof keyword, null continuation operator, lambda based properties and more).

This should cover most of the information you need to be able to get up to speed in UWP or WPF and build an app for the Windows platform (whether legacy or not). If you want to take what you learn here to other operating system take a look at Avalonia. It is a framework that brings this same code across platforms allowing for Mac, Windows or Linux distribution. You can learn more about Avalonia here:

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