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Introduction to Arduino Uno and Neopixel Light Strips

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Time to get back into some embedded systems stuff. We’re going to be working on setting up an Arduino Uno and a 144 LED neopixel light strip.

Once the light strip is running and we have the basic starter project deployed we’ll start exploring how to expand on it. Specifically we’ll be adding a simple tracing loop around the light strip so that our Arduino can create an infinite loop of light. Simple but fun.

We’ll be expanding on this more as time goes on but for now we just need a simple setup to prove everything is working. Once the other parts for the project arrive we can start delving a bit further into what we’ll be building and how we’ll use this Arduino and light strip to accomplish it.

Really looking forward to this project! I’ve never played with wearables before and I think this will be a fairly unique way to get started with them.

Get an Arduino Uno from Amazon or

Pick up your own Neopixel strips from Adafruit here:


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