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Going #Serverless with Azure Functions

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It’s time to go #Serverless. One of the clouds favorite new buzzwords is coming to World of Zero!

Enough with the advertiser pitch. FaaS is a service architecture that cloud enables functions in a way that allows them to consume Events, respond to REST queries and much more. The code required to implement them can fit on a single screen and they can easily be run both locally on your own machine or uploaded to Azure.

In this video we explore my first hour of experience with creating, debugging and deploying an Azure Function to a production environment with zero prior knowledge. This serves as more of a bare basics getting started and introduction to the tools then as an in depth tutorial or explanation of the technology. We’re both learning here.

This video discusses Azure Functions.
If you use AWS, Amazon offers AWS Lambda’s:
If you use Google Cloud, Google offers Google Cloud Functions:

Want to learn more about Azure Functions? The documentation provided by Microsoft is actually quite good despite my lack of reading any of it. :)

You can learn more about it here:

If you need to find your Azure Function “Code” you can check out this Stack Overflow answer referenced from the video:


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