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Getting Physical - Adding Physics to the Fractal Generator

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Last time we built a fractal using recursion in Unity. Let’s expand upon that and do something terrible: we’ll add physics to it! This is a bad idea, and quite frankly, it goes horribly wrong. We create a few extra infinite loops and get to crash Unity a number of times. It’s a lot of fun.

By the end of this video we will have a working Fractal generator that can attach physics components to one another and frankly, create a horrible mess.

This implementation isn’t really correct, but it does create interesting results and we don’t care about the implementation! Results are all that matter. Huzzah!

…wait. That’s not right. Somebody is going to have to maintain this monstrosity… Should probably make it work right at some point.

Or we could leave it for the other maintenance programmer.

Get the source on GitHub:

Watch the first episode here:

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