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Exploring Rigidbody Joints and Rope Physics in Unity

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Unity has a number of different joints and other ways to connect Rigidbodies (Spring’s come to mind). We’re going to be exploring how to take advantage of those offerings in order to build a 3D physically simulated rope that we can attach to our grapple gun and eventually swing around space with. I’ve personally not spent much time with these components so this will be a fun exploration of the capabilities Unity offers for 3D Physics simulation.

This video won’t touch code. We won’t write a single line of the stuff. Instead we’re going to try to identify the best way to use Unity’s physics simulation to simulate a rope attached to an asteroid that we can swing about on. Sounds fun to me! Let’s give it a go.

Check out the code for Asteroid’s VR on GitHub:

Now that we’ve built this, we can start working on how to actually implement this rope swing. That implementation will be coming in the next video and it ought to be a lot of fun to explore!

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