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Exploring Operator Overloading a Custom String Type

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I have a really, really bad idea. I’d like to create a string that can be appended to or prepended to using custom operators. The goal here is to demonstrate the use of operator overloading, but also offer a bit of caution about creating operators that do not do the expected behavior.

Some examples of what this syntax might look like when using normal strings:

"Hello" ) "WorldOfZero" == "HelloWorldOfZero"
"Hello" ( "WorldOfZero" == "WorldOfZeroHello"

Note: I’m using parentheses here instead of angled brackets - angled brackets aren’t supported in YouTube descriptions

More information about using operator overloads is available here, including a list of supported operators:

I’ve put together a second video on this topic that uses this functionality for a slightly more useful reason. We create an AppendableList that enables you to add and remove objects using the + and - operators. You can watch that here:

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