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Dynamic Game Speed - Unity Quick Tip

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    You are able to modify the speed of most objects, animations and physics using a single value: Time.timeScale. Modifying this value from it’s default (1) causes the game to run slower (values less than 1) or faster (values greater than 1).

    An important note of using this: adjusting the Time Scale does not effect the framerate of your game (at least not directly). It will scale the results of Time.deltaTime and Time.fixedDeltaTime and reduce the speed of animations and physics in your scene.

    Some Examples

    Stop Time

    Time.timeScale = 0;

    Half Speed

    Time.timeScale = 0.5f;

    Normal (Default) Speed

    Time.timeScale = 1;

    Double Speed

    Time.timeScale = 2


    The original Dice Roller video is here:

    You can read more about using Time.timeScale on Unity’s documentation site:

    I use the Warrior Pack Bundle 1 to demo this. It’s available as a paid and free asset.

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