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Building the Voxel Terrain Mesh - Lets Make 2D Voxel Terrain - Part 5

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Last time we were generating Primitives using the built in Unity feature so that we could easily generate a Quad for every node in our voxel quadtree. In this video we’re graduating and honestly getting really close to the goal. We’re going to be generating a dynamic mesh in unity so that you can easily create new meshes on the fly without dropping thousands of objects all over the place. This generation is speedy quick to the point where we could possibly run it in real time. There’s still a lot to do before that point but it’s getting to a really good place!

The next steps are to start optimizing the mesh and merging vertices, begin exploring marching squares and finally to actually start blowing things up. The interesting part is we’re at a point in time where we could do any of those in any order without effecting anything. That’s really exciting!

In other exciting news I’m back! After completely exploding my Windows install last week things seem to be working though there’s a few technical issues going on including some camera and audio issues. I’ll be working to fix those over the week.

Curious about vertices rotation and some of the other quirks of dynamically generated meshes? Check out my other video series on generating deforming 3D terrain:

I’m still writing that piece on powershell and it will be posted to World of Zero when it’s done. You can browse it and my other work there at

I’m really looking forward to blowing this up. :)

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