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Build the UI - Emotible - Part 4 Live!

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Hello Internet! We’ve spent a good amount of time building out the core feature set of our app. We’ve got most of the basics worked out. Next up, we need to design and develop a UI for this thing. Something good. Something useful. Something awesome! Well… lets at least make it something that works.

This is being recorded as a Livestream (with VOD coming afterwards) since this is going to meander along with a lot of trial and error. We want something intuitive and good looking, but also something that is simple with obvious controls. We also need it to work across various platforms with very different form factors and interactions. Xbox’s need controller support, phones need simple tall layouts and PC’s need information. Let’s try to strike a balance that works for all of them!

Like all of my videos, this isn’t scripted. I don’t know quite what I’m doing and we’ll both be taking the time to learn something.

Want to play around with Emotible or add on to what I am creating? The project is open source and available to anyone on GitHub:

Sam Wronski
Sam Wronski
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