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Animating Mandelbrot and Julia Sets in Unity - Fractal Shaders

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    Let’s get back to work on our Fractal shaders! Specifically, let’s animate them. I’ve got an idea to use a subscriber based design so we can publish various “changes” to our material and dynamically update it. The result: animated realtime fractals! How awesome is that?

    Now that we have this, there are a few design glitches we need to work out to make this fully complete. What we write here doesn’t work 100%. It can do basic animations, but we want awesome custom animations and for now, we can’t get that with this. But we’ve got a framework we can work with now. Building on that shouldn’t be too difficult.

    Apologies about some of the audio and video. I reset my OBS settings accidentally and didn’t notice until I had recorded this. :( my bad.

    Want to play around with the source code? Clone the project on GitHub:

    Sam Wronski
    Sam Wronski
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