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An Intro to Unity - Flappy Cube Tutorial - Part 1

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Welcome to Unity! In this tutorial we’re going to walk through the basics by creating Flappy Cube. A two dimensional mobile game with a single input: “Flap”. This series is designed to cover the very basics of getting started with Unity and hopefully set a path for future projects. If you’ve never made a game before or are new to Unity this video was made for you!

The goal of Flappy Cube is to use only the simplest of Unity components. It’s a Cube, Collider and Rigidbody with about 20 lines of code. That is all we need to get a Cube we can manipulate and make “fly”. This project stays away from all the complex stuff of game design and focuses on the basics of the engine and how to get started with your own game.

If you’ve been waiting to start making your game. Stop. Watch this, learn Unity and then go out and make something awesome! Just remember to share it with me when you do!

Get started with Unity by downloading it today! It’s free:

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