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Adding Unity Support - SignalR in Unity - Part 2

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The next part of this experiment is integrating Unity with the rest of our SignalR components so that they can communicate with one another. The goal here is to send a message from our console app to an ASP.NET server which responds by forwarding that message to our Unity project. This will give us a way to send data between multiple different applications and render those changes inside of our Unity game.

This initial project is intended just to validate that the entire workflow just works. That Unity and our SignalR server can connect with one another. Later we can turn this capability into a cool game, for example enabling a party game where everyone plays from their phone. For now, though we’re just testing out the limits of what all of this actually enables.

If you would like to get started learning SignalR you can learn more at

My previous SignalR series shared at the Microsoft Reactor where we created an interactive canvas you could collaboratively draw on with the rest of the world!

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You can see some of the other content I have planned outside this channel in the Microsoft Reactor (and even come to our in-person events) at the Microsoft Reactor San Francisco Meetup Page.

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