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3D Printing a Sticky Note Holder in 3D Builder

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    Lets build a very simple holder for some sticky notes and a pen. We’re going to look at how to leverage 3D Builder a free tool included with Windows 10 and Cura a free program from Ultimaker. Using these and some great measurements we can build our sticky-note holder.

    We’ll look at how to combine simple shapes and measure them out in 3D builder as well as how to subtract two meshes from one another. It’s a simple task, but a fun introduction to building 3D models in 3D builder and also how to print them.

    Want to play with these models yourself? You can download them here:!AigAU5khbym5obJ8xWF3_kqwPD0Vfg

    I use a Qidi X-One 3D Printer for my 3D printing:


    Sam Wronski
    Sam Wronski
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